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a truth universally acknowledged

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I'm twenty, Asian-Australian and study English, French and Psychology at the University of Sydney. I love traveling, floral dresses, Glee, knitting, chai lattes, Passion Pit, Bones, baking, Mumford and Sons, markets and everything Jane Austen. My journal is Friends Only- please comment to be added.

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3d glasses, alias, alternating colours and neutrals, alternating french and english, amy adams, anna paquin, arthur/morgana, audrey tautou, baby farm animals, baking and eating cupcakes, ben barnes, big bows on headbands, bones, booth/brennan, bradley james, brightly coloured nailpolish, cashmere mafia, castle, charlize theron, chuck, chuck/sarah, claire danes, coffee dates with friends, coldplay, colin morgan, cupcakes, david boreanaz, deep and meaningfuls, disney, dressing for costume parties, emily deschanel, english, faking a british accent, fashion, finding the perfect perfume, firefly, folding paper boats, france, frances o'connor, glee, glen hansard, gossip girl, guillaume canet, harry potter, haruki murakami, henry cavill, himym, hugh dancy, icons, jack west jnr, james marsden, jane austen, jennifer garner, jim/pam, john cusack, jumping on jumping castles, kate beckinsale, kate walsh, katie mcgrath, keane, kelly clarkson, kerry greenwood, knitting, lee pace, letters to loved ones, love/hate relationships, marion cotillard, marketa irglova, matthew reilly, merlin, naming inanimate objects, ncis, neil gaiman, northanger abbey, outfits that include tulle, period dramas, pride and prejudice, profiteroles by the dozen, psychology, regina spektor, richard armitage, scrubs, sleeping while it rains, snow patrol, that's what she said, the cocktail club, the killers, the office, the postal service, the tudors, travel, true blood, umbrellas, veronica mars, watching clouds float by, wearing high-waisted skirts, zooey deschanel